Home Health Aide Certification in New Jersey

Home Health Aides, otherwise known as Homemaker-home health aides by the New Jersey State, are granted certification by the Board of Nursing in New Jersey. The basic requirements for certification consist of:

  • 76-hour training program
  • Competency evaluation
  • Criminal history background check

The training program that includes the curriculum, faculty, and facility has to be approved by the NJ Board of Nursing. Also it has to consist of 60 hours classroom instruction and 16 hours clinical instruction either in a skills lab or patient-care environment.

Once the training program is completed, the training facility has to submit a certification package for approval to the state board. This is sent together with the payment for certification and application. Based on the arrangement made with the agency or the training facility, you may or may not need to pay the certification and application fee on your own. In most cases, agencies will pay this fee for you.

The agency or training facility will be given notification on the status of your approval within five working days. Based on the results of this, you may be hired conditional up until the completion of the criminal background check. This criminal background check may take as long as 120 days. The facility will be given a notice regarding your approval for this as well.

In the State of New Jersey, a registered professional nurse has to supervise your work as a Certified Home Health Aide in New Jersey.

State-approved homemaker-home health aide programs can be found here.

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